Glow in the dark stone

Color: Yellow green, blue green, sky blue, Pink, orange, white, red
Size: around 25*20*10mm
Shape:  garlic flake, kidney
Material: Rare earth aluminate luminous powder,plastic
Remark: 1kg include around 300pcs
Uses: Suitable for various decorative area such as in vase, fish tank, garden, home etc..
Keywords: colourful glow in the dark cobblestone, colorized photoluminescent roundstone, luminous kidney shape stone


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Glow in dark stone is a kind of artificially produced radiant stone, also known as artificial luminescent stone. It is a high-tech self-luminous product of alkaline earth aluminate and silicate activated by rare earth elements. Using the characteristics of the new photo-induced light-emitting self-illuminating materials, combined with the latest artificial jade production process, the luminous stone has the hardness and appearance characteristics of natural stone, and there is no radioactive hazard of natural stone. The products are widely used indoors. In the fields of exterior decoration, garden design, etc., its novel luminous effect not only beautifies the environment, embellishes and sets off the landscape, but also has the practical function of night indication and marking, so it is deeply loved by domestic and foreign customers. After absorbing all kinds of visible light for 10 to 20 minutes during the day, it can continue to emit light for more than 12 hours in the dark night. Its luminous brightness and duration are 30 to 50 times that of traditional ZnS luminous materials, and it can be recycled indefinitely without radioactivity. It is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. The luminescent stone excites low light storage conditions and high brightness lasts for a long time. High temperature resistance and good electrical insulation performance. Good hardness, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability; optical properties, friction reduction, wear resistance and sound absorption and shock absorption performance. Environmentally friendly, safe and light in weight. It has strong plasticity, large shape change and easy processing and forming. High recoverability, recognized by the growing awareness of environmental protection.

With the beautiful decorative glow effect and safety direction function, glow stone is suitable for many application area. It can be used in footpaths, gardens, rockeries, pebble paths, terrazzo concrete, driveways and so on. Spreading around the swimming poor, puting in the aquarium or inlay into the scenery wall all are the good idea for us to decorate the new house.

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