• Electroluminescent powder

    Other keywords: EL powder, Electroluminescence phosphor, Electronic excitated glow pigment, Electroluminescent pigments

    Glow color: Green, Blue, Blue green, white, orange

    Type: standard type, coated type

  • Glow and reflective waistcoat

    Other name: Photoluminescent And Reflect Light Waistcoat, luminous and reflective safety vests,

    Glow and reflect light vests

  • Glow in dark glass mosaic tile

    Other keywords: photoluminescent mosaic tile, luminous glass mosaic, glow mosaic tile

    Glow color: yellow green, blue green, sky blue

    Size: 297*297mm each sheet, 25*25*4mm each granule or make as requests

  • Luminous adhesive tape

    Other keywords: photoluminescent adhesive tape, glow in dark adhesive plaster, luminous sticker

    Width: 1cm, 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm

    Length: 10 meter each roll

    Thickness: 0.23mm

    Glow color: Green, Aqua, Blue

  • UV fluorescent pigments

    Other name: ultraviolet flourescent powder, security invisible pigment, Anti-counterfeit pigment, ultraviolet excited pigment

    Include: inorganic type, organic type;

    Long wave type, short wave type.

  • Reflective glass beads powder

    Other keywords: reflective powder, reflective glass micro beads, reflective pigment, glass microsphere, reflect light pigment, glass microbeads reflect light powders

    Color: grey, white

    Grain size: 150-200mesh, 200-300mesh, 300-400mesh, 400-500mesh, 500-700mesh or make as requests

    Products feature: 1.high brightness 2. High fluidity 3. Low Specific gravity 4. Symmetrical Particle size

    Refractive index: 1.93nd;

    Specific Gravity:4.2/cm3

  • Photoluminescent Plastic Masterbatch

    Other keywords: glow in dark plastic master batch

    Available glow color: yellow green, blue green, sky blue

    Available materials type: PP, ABS,HDPE

    Glow pigments content: 20%, 30% or make as requests

  • Photoluminescent film

    Other key words: glow in the dark film, luminous tape, photoluminescent adhesive vinly

    Available glow color: yellow green, blue green, sky blue

    Size: 1*10 meter, 1*50 meter or make as your requests

    Type: back with adhesive type, inkjet print type

  • Glow in dark stones

    Other keywords: photoluminescent rock, luminous pebble, noctilucent stone

  • Super glow detritus

  • Photoluminescent stone

    Other keywords: photoluminescent scree

  • Luminous flat round stone