Other Related Powders

  • UV fluorescent pigments

    Other name: ultraviolet flourescent powder, Anti-counterfeit fluorescence pigment, security invisible pigment
    Specification: Long wave; short wave.
    Type: inorganic type, organic type.
    Glow color: Red, yellow, blue, green

  • Reflective powder

    Other keywords: reflective glass micro beads, reflective pigment, glass microsphere, reflect light pigment
    Grain size: 150-200mesh, 200-300mesh, 300-400mesh, 400-500mesh, 500-700mesh or make as requests
    Products feature: 1.high brightness 2. High fluidity 3. Low Specific gravity 4. Symmetrical Particle size
    Main Color: grey, white
    Refractive index: 1.93nd;
    Specific Gravity:4.2/cm3
    Package: bucket, carton
    H.S code:7018200090

  • Thermochromic pigment

    Types of thermochromic pigments:
    Thermal achromatic type: colored state at low temperature, when the temperature rises to the set value, the pigment changes from colored to colorless. Its color change temperature can be set in the range of -20 ~ 70 ° C according to user needs: The R series color-changing pigments have the most varieties, complete chromatography, and are the most commonly used color-changing pigments.
    Hot hair color type: its color ~ temperature characteristics are opposite to the R series. It is colorless at low temperature, and the pigment changes from colorless to colored when the temperature rises to the set value. Its color temperature range is: 60 ~ 65℃.

  • Infrared fluorescent pigment

    Other key words: up converting pigment, IR phosphor, infrared ray active pigment

    Infrared phosphor is mainly composed of rare earth inorganic substance (non-toxic and non-radioactive), which does not show color in sunlight and sunlight. It is colorless and transparent, and displays dazzling light when it is irradiated by the infrared ray of 940~1060mm (peak value 980mm). This paint temperature tolerance is wonderful, 60 ° c (long-term) to 800 ° c (2 hours) performance remains the same.

    Basic color 3 colors; Blue, green and red.

  • Photochromic pigment

    The Photochromic pigment is a photochromic powder material made by wrapping the reverse photochromic dye in the microcapsule. The product improves the solubility of OP oil, allowing it to be uniformly dispersed in water-based systems. MC is white in an indoor light source environment and becomes the color of a dye under ultraviolet or sunlight. It can be added directly to the appropriate application for use. The average particle size of the photosensitive microcapsule powder is 3-10μm, which is a microcapsule powder containing 2% to 5% of the photochromic powder, and the moisture content is ≦3%. Suitable for water-based, oil-based ink, paint and plastic injection, extrusion Photosensitive microcapsule powder is a pigment, characterized by bright color, high temperature resistance and solvent resistance, which can be used in plastic injection, oily ink and paint.

  • Electroluminescent powder

    Glow color: Green, Blue, Blue green, white, orange
    Type: normal type, coated type
    Grade: medium luminance, high luminance

    Other keywords: EL powder, Electroluminescence phosphor, Electronic excitated glow pigment, Electroluminescent pigments