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The mystery of photochromic glasses

In outdoor activities, everything in the day will be bathed in the sun, which for a long time in the outdoor friends, not only because of harsh and feel uncomfortable, more hinder the appreciation of beautiful natural scenery, even affect the safety. So, many people wear “color changing” glasses to protect their eyes from bright light. A suitable color-changing glasses can not only help you protect your eyes from the harsh sun, protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays (reduce [...]

Preparation method and application of red phosphor for silicyl nitride

Light emitting diode (LED) as a new efficient solid light source, with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, safety, rich color, small size, fast response and other significant advantages and has been widely studied. At present, phosphor conversion method (pc-LED) is the main way to realize white LED, that is, Ga(In) N-based blue light chip and yellow YAG:Ce3+ phosphor which can be effectively excited by blue light are packaged into white light diode, which has been successfully [...]

Glow in the dark glass mosaic: The spokesperson of romance

I believe you are familiar with mosaics. Previously, we not only learned about the civilization history of mosaics, but also about the natural shell mosaics. Today, we will tell you about the luminous mosaics The Spokesperson of Romance We know that mosaics can be collaged into a variety of beautiful patterns according to the designer’s design, through different ordering collages. Although the size of noctilucent mosaics is the same as that of ordinary mosaics, they can be arranged according to the [...]

Development prospect and market potential of reflective powder

Reflective powder is the production of reflective fabric, reflective film, reflective coatings, reflective signs, school bags, sea life-saving supplies the core of the new optical functional composite materials such as raw materials, it has the characteristics of regression reflection and the resulting strong regression reflection effect, without additional power supply, can be widely used in roads, ports, mines, fire and other fields, as a safety sign, is greatly improved. The following Xiaobian to introduce the development potential and prospects [...]

Quantitative determination of physical and chemical indexes of fluorescent red powder

The quantitative determination method of fluorescent red powder is not available at present, but can be carried out according to the actual situation in future communication. Coloring power: Two test methods: (1) Visual comparison method: GB/T5211.19-88 (2) Instrumental determination method: GB/T13451.2-92. In the corresponding fluorescence intensity test method of any of the above methods, the tinting force of fixed sample color code is 100%, and 100%+-2 is used to test the tinting force value of fluorescent powder. Volatile components: ethanol water Oil absorption :31~42%/110g: [...]

Breathable luminous artificial leather

    The invention relates to a breathable luminous artificial leather, which is characterized in that it comprises a base layer (1), and a lower PU layer (2) and an upper PU layer (3) are successively arranged above the base layer (1), and the upper PU layer The surface of (3) is coated with oil fluorescent layer (4), and the base (1) is arranged on a plurality of micropores (4). A fluorescent layer is arranged on the top of the breathable luminous [...]

Water based paint production process related information

The basic production process of waterborne paint: the production process of waterborne paint is to put all kinds of raw materials in a certain order and disperse evenly. The production process of general latex paint includes 3 parts: (1) slurry: first of all, water, dispersant, defoaming agent, preservatives and other liquid materials into the dispersion tank, mixing evenly, in the state of mixing will be colored pigments and physical pigments in turn into, and accelerate the dispersion of 20~40; [...]

Spontaneous light material has strong aesthetic and no harm to human body

Self-luminous materials can natural shine, do not need any control the luminescent material is widely applied in our life, can have very good adornment effect on the whole environment, also show the beautiful sex strong, color is very colorful, there will not be any dangerous situation completely, will not cause any harm to human body. Especially experienced normal manufacturer production self-luminous materials, can not only ensure the glowing effect is better, and relatively than ordinary materials, functional and overall value [...]

Make your own luminous ceiling and lie in bed looking at the stars

If you’re tired, if you don’t want to go out and count the stars in bed, we’ll show you a fun way to use luminous powder to beat an indoor night sky. Choose tired of the same decoration, so do a glow-in-the-dark ceiling, take their constellation home! Lying in the dark on the bed, watching the ceiling of the constellation of luminous stars, small light green light, very beautiful! On such a romantic night, they are alive to jump in our [...]

The main types of golden onion powder

The product is composed of vacuum metallic polyester plastic film, its color layer is thermosetting cross bonded epoxy layer, can produce a wide variety of colors, can be used in wood, paper, cloth, metal, leather goods, ceramics and other materials through the way of screen printing, coating, spraying. Form a decorative or reflective and other special and eye-catching effect. PVC material gold onion powder is not high temperature (60℃), acid and alkali resistance. PET material gold onion powder high [...]