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Color-changing powder injection molding procedure

Temperature sensitive color changing powder and plastic injection procedures 1. First wet the surface of the plastic material to be injected with an appropriate amount of diffusion oil; 2. According to the proportion of 0.5%-1%, add the color changing powder to the plastic material, stir well; 3. Add 0.5%-0.8% diffusion powder or diffusion oil to the mixture and mix well. Mixing machine, kneading machine, high speed dispersing machine and other equipment can not be used in the mixing process. 4. Dry the mixture [...]

The main points of glow in the dark paint construction

General construction of architectural coatings need to be primer, primer is in order to improve the adhesion of the coating, to ensure the service life of the coating, the same self-luminous coating construction is also needed to primer, primer can effectively fill the surface of the base pit, make the base surface more flat, beautiful, but also can effectively reduce the amount of self-luminous coating, save the construction cost. It is recommended to choose white two-component primer for primer construction. [...]

How to use reflective glass beads to make reflective ink

Reflective powder is made of a kind of glass main powder material production, the product can be directly added to paint or resin, so that the product has regression reflective effect, can be used on a variety of complex shapes of the surface. Reflective powder it is the production of reflective cloth, reflective film, reflective paint, reflective signs, advertising materials, clothing materials, standard racing track, shoes and hats, school bags, water, land and air life saving supplies and other [...]

About heterocyclic ultraviolet phosphors weather resistance

Many customers ask which kind of ultraviolet phosphor powder is the best and most stable. In fact, in terms of the existing known synthesis technology, heterocyclic ultraviolet phosphor is the most stable, which is a rigid structure connected by a benzene ring. Its weather resistance is the best, water resistance: level 5; Ink resistance: 5 grade; Acid resistance: 5; Alkaline resistance: level 4; Paraffin resistance: grade 5; Light resistance: ≥ grade 4 (95 hours in the sun) Generally used in [...]

Method for making reflective powder in reflective glass

Reflective powder is made of a kind of glass beads powder material production, China is one of the big reflective powder production, because reflective powder energy consumption is more serious, can use is reflective clothing, this is the official statement, the most common is at night or on the highway sanitation workers reflective clothing, Today we are going to share about the manufacturing method used in reflective glass: A. Mix the glue in a certain proportion. B, after mixing the two, [...]

How to solve the dark phenomenon of luminous powder in the process of injection molding

Noctilucent plastic masterbatch is a kind of plastic masterbatch with self-luminescence function. Noctilucent plastic masterbatch is made of noctilucent powder and transparent resin after deep processing. It can be used directly or mixed with other similar plastics. If the noctilucent powder is directly added to ordinary plastic products, it is easy to make the product black and discolored. Noctilucent plastic masterbatch can solve the phenomenon of noctilucent powder blackening and uneven dispersion in the plastic production process. Noctilucent powder [...]

Study on organic electroluminescent materials

With the continuous development of science and technology, material science research is gradually advancing, especially the related research content of organic electroluminescent materials, which can not only improve the application efficiency, but also create a more harmonious and efficient scientific research platform. In this paper, the research background of organic electroluminescent materials is analyzed, and the research status of related materials is introduced emphatically. In recent years, luminescent metal complexes have attracted extensive attention. In order to improve the application [...]

Application of photoluminescent powder proportioning

Photoluminescent powder is more and more widely used, new luminescent materials can be used in a variety of transparent or translucent media, such as plastic, silicone rubber, POLY resin, paint, glaze, ink, chemical fiber, etc. It can be used to prepare toys, craft ornaments, silica gel bracelets, artificial flowers, display objects at night and so on. The following is the application of Photoluminescent powder proportioning. 1, the proportion of Photoluminescent powder and plastic material is generally in 2%-10%. According to [...]

The reason why the brightness of the luminous powder is not high after injection molding

Luminous powder is a kind of luminous pigment that can emit light automatically. It can be used in various plastic products, clothing printing, chemical fibers, and indicator signs, etc. However, some customers reported that after buying the luminous powder and using it on the plastic, they found that the brightness of the luminous powder was not as good as expected, and even the situation was not bright. Today, I will analyze the reasons why the brightness of the luminous [...]

Note on the use of glow powder in production of plastic injection luminous toys

Glow-in-the-dark toy is a light-emitting instrument for children to play with, and its colors are also colorful. In fact, glow-in-the-dark toys are made use of injection molding of glow-in-the-dark powder, so that toys emit beautiful light at night, then what matters needing attention in injection molding method of glow-in-the-dark toys glow-in-the-dark powder? The following small series to introduce you. 1, ingredients: proportional scale first ChuGuang suction light emitting noctilucent powder (content accounts for about 2 ~ 10%), the spread of [...]