Our company JiNan XingYi Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier of the photoluminescent pigment and related glow in the dark products in China. We located in JiNan City is well known as the Springs, close to Beijing Airport and Qingdao sea Port, the transportation is very convenient. Through years of accumulation and innovation in the field of long afterglow luminescent products, our products quality gradually improved and keep steady, the products range also constantly expanding. Currently, our products include glow powder, glow stone, plastic master batch, glow paint, glow safety products, luminous crafts etc.. The long afterglow phosphorescent powder is a non-toxic environmental friendly products, they not only have the function of the safety instruction and at night can create beautiful artistic effects. View more





  • Large emulational photoluminescent stone

    Large size emulational photoluminescent cobble stone
    Size: 40-60mm, 80-120mm
    MOQ: 50KG
    customs code:3926909090
    Normal glow color: yellow green, blue green, sky blue
    Feature: more emulational; high luminance
    Service life: over 10 years

  • Photoluminescent pigment

    Glowing color: Yellow green, Blue green, Sky blue, Purple, other colored glow powder
    Luminance grade: Super grade, Normal grade, Economic grade
    Particle size: 15-20um, 20-25um, 25-40um,70-80um and Customized according to customer requirements
    Origin: China
    Other key words: Glow in dark powder manufacturer, Luminous powder, long afterglow phosphor, strontium aluminate phosphor, phosphorescent pigment

  • Glow in the dark stone

    Color: Yellow green, blue green, sky blue, Pink, orange, white, red
    Size: around 25*20*10mm
    Shape:  garlic flake, kidney
    Material: Rare earth aluminate luminous powder,plastic
    Remark: 1kg include around 300pcs
    Uses: Suitable for various decorative area such as in vase, fish tank, garden, home etc..
    Keywords: colourful glow in the dark cobblestone, colorized photoluminescent roundstone, luminous kidney shape stone


  • Sky blue glow gravel

    Other name: Glow rubble, photoluminescent glowing gravel chip

    Glow color: sky blue ( cobalt blue )

    Size: 1-3mm, 3-6mm, 6-10mm, 8-15mm, 10-20mm or make as your requests

    Materials: glass

  • Blue green glow powder

    Glowing color: Blue green ( aqua )
    Body color: light yellow
    Grade: High luminance, Normal luminance
    Type: Normal version, Waterproof version
    Particle size: 15-20um, 20-25um,25-40um,70-80um or produce according to special requests.
    Products features: Excellent wear resistance and high temperature resistance. It has a wide range of applications, such as in plastic products, coatings, glass, ceramics and other materials.


  • Yellow green glow powder

    Glowing color: Yellow green
    Body color: Yellowish
    Grade: High luminance, Normal luminance, Economic type
    Type: Normal version, Waterproof version
    Particle size: 15-20um, 20-25um,25-40um,70-80um or produce according to special requests.
    Products features: Because the yellow green color glow powders have higher luminance than other colors, so that is have more widely application.
    Especially for use in Safety escape sign aspect.



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