Luminous Products

  • Photoluminescent film

    Other key words: glow in the dark film, luminous tape, photoluminescent adhesive vinly
    Glow color: yellow green, blue green, sky blue
    Size: 1*10 meter, 1.24*50 meter each roll or customize
    Materials: PVC, PET, PMMA
    Type: back glue or without adhesive type; glossy or matte surface type.

  • Glow in dark ink jet print paper

    Glow in the dark ink jet printable paper made from PET etc.. materials with photoluminescent pigments. That is smooth and flat, no shrinkage, no warping edge, no deformation, suitable for a variety of water-based ink jet printers, image restoration ability, resistance to yellow can be long-term preservation. At night or in the dark to give a person a novel feeling, luminous bright transparent color, vivid image, can achieve a large area of application.

  • Customized luminous master batch

    We can produce the luminous plastic masterbatch according to customer’s requests for photoluminescent pigment ratio and plastic type. Complete variety of materials, such as
    PE, PC, EVA, PVC, ABS, EVA, PET, PS, PC, PMMA, PLA, HDPE etc.. For the glow pigment content usually from 20% to 50%.

  • Photoluminescent Plastic Masterbatch

    Other keywords: glow in dark plastic master batch

    Available glow color: yellow green, blue green, sky blue

    Available materials type: PP,PS, ABS,HDPE etc.

    Glow pigments content: 20%, 30% or make as requests

  • Glow in dark glass mosaic tile

    Other keywords: photoluminescent mosaic tile, luminous glass mosaic, glow mosaic tile
    Glow color: yellow green, blue green, sky blue
    Specification: 297*297mm each sheet, 25*25*4mm each granule, Each sheet include 121 granule
    Materials: Regular glass or extra white glass with photo luminescent powder
    Package: normal export carton

  • Glow in the dark paint

    The glow in the dark paints and inks are made with photoluminescent pigment. After absorbing the visible lights for 5-10 minutes, it can keep shining with high luminance for first 2-3 hours in darkness or at nigh and keep its visible brightness for above 15 hours hereafter. It is harmless, non-radioactive substance, intense heat-resistant and strong sticky. We supply tens of varieties with colors as yellow green, skyblue, blue, purple, etc. The Paints can be widely used for interior decoration, direction marking, and fire safety marking for public and the Inks can be used.

  • Luminous and reflect light lattice tape

    Specifications: 5cm*50m/roll
    Features: Good ductility, sewing, high reflection coefficient, bright and eye-catching color, weather life of 2 years, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, scratch resistance.