UV fluorescent pigments

Other name: ultraviolet flourescent powder, security invisible pigment, Anti-counterfeit pigment, ultraviolet excited pigment

Include: inorganic type, organic type;

Long wave type, short wave type.

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About UV fluorescent pigment
The UV fluorescent pigment usually use for make anti counterfeit printing ink, then use for security purpose.  Also can be use for drawing for entertainment place , the design can show under the UV light.
The UV fluorescent pigment include two kinds,  one is organic UV fluorescent pigment, another one is inorganic UV fluorescent pigment.
The UV fluorescent pigment also include long wave type (excitated by 365nm wavelength ) and short wave type (excitated by 254nm wavelength ).

For use in anti counterfeit purpose, long wave security technology is widely use for bill , currency anti counterfeit , The differentiate instrument is popularization. In marketplace or bank often use currency detector to identify .   The short wave security technology need use specially instrument to identify, so have more strong anti counterfeit performance.

About the inorganic UV fluorescent pigment:
1. Their color is vivid , and have good envelop ability, can do not need to add opacifier.
2.  The particle size is small. Easy to disperse.
3.  Have good ability for endure hot,  Can endure about 600 C degree. Centigrade.
4. Have good solvent resistance, resist acid, resist alkali, and steady.
5.  Have not the color MIGRATION, Non toxic, Non pollute.

And When use inorganic UV fluorescent pigment into paint or ink,  that is not dissolve in them, just is disperse in paint and ink.   Can be use for oil base and water based paint.
And should be use neutrality or slightly alkaline resin.
The add ratio is around 10% to 20%.
That is suitable for various type printing method, such as screen painting, photogravure plate printing , anastatic printing.
The printing background suggest to use white or light color.
And can be use mix with others dye or pigments.

About the organic UV fluorescent pigment:
1: The organic UV fluorescent pigment color is vivid , but have not ability for envelop
, the ray penetrate ratio can over 90%.
2. Have good dissolve ability, can dissolve in various oil based solvent.
3. Belong to dyestuff series, should noted the color MIGRATION matter.
4. Resist temperature ability not very good,  Can endure about 200C degree centigrade.

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