Glow pebble blue

Other key words: luminous pebble, photoluminescent cobble scree, glow in the dark stone

Glow Color: Sky Blue

Size: around 25*20*10mm

Shape:  garlic flake, kidney

Material: Plastic

Remark: 1kg include around 300pcs

Uses: Suitable for various decorative area such as in vase, fish tank, garden, home etc..

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Glow in the dark stones is a new style photoluminescent products which is made from the synthetic resin and photoluminescent pigments. After absorbed the daylight or lamplight for 10—20 minutes, it can glow in the dark for 8–10 hours with the yellow-green , blue-green, blue etc. colour. It is a non-radioactive, non-toxic and environmental-protective products.

With the beautiful decorative glow effect and safety direction function, glow stone is suitable for many application area. It can be used in footpaths, gardens, rockeries, pebble paths, terrazzo concrete, driveways and so on. Spreading around the swimming poor, puting in the aquarium or inlay into the scenery wall all are the good idea for us to decorate the new house.


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