The main points of glow in the dark paint construction

General construction of architectural coatings need to be primer, primer is in order to improve the adhesion of the coating, to ensure the service life of the coating, the same self-luminous coating construction is also needed to primer, primer can effectively fill the surface of the base pit, make the base surface more flat, beautiful, but also can effectively reduce the amount of self-luminous coating, save the construction cost.
It is recommended to choose white two-component primer for primer construction. The two-component primer has better adhesion, more wear-resistant, and is not easy to fall off the maple layer in the later period, and has a long service life. White primer and self-luminous coating with good color, high reflectivity, luminous brightness, long luminous time.
Before coating construction, check whether there is cracking, delamination and other problems on the base surface. If there is, the base surface needs to be repaired before construction. Before construction, we must clean the dust, oil and other impurities on the base surface, keep the base surface clean and dry, improve the adhesion of the self-luminous coating, so that the self-luminous coating and the base is firmly bonded. Self-luminous paint is different from the common paint on the market, before the construction needs to be coated with primer, it is recommended to choose white primer, reduce the amount of self-luminous paint, improve the adhesion of self-luminous paint, white primer high reflectivity, high chromaticity, white primer through the highest brightness.
If there is precipitation before the use of self-luminous paint, it needs to be stirred evenly. During construction, the self-luminous paint should be evenly covered on the white primer. After the first self-luminous paint dries, the second self-luminous paint construction should be carried out.