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Market application and development space of long afterglow self-luminous materials

In the field of building decoration, self-luminous materials are energy-saving, environment-friendly and low-carbon new building materials. The application of new self-luminous materials brings inestimable market value and practical value. City square, parking lot, residential pedestrian road, commercial pedestrian street, hotel, home decoration, traffic road zebra crossing update, traffic line, pedestrian walkway, roadside stone beautification, city riverside night, green pedestrian path, tourist attractions, pond edge beautification, etc., will be put into use a large number of self-luminous materials. So luminous [...]

About long after glow phosphorescence material

Abstract: The paper introduces the long after glow phosphorescence material Key words: long after glow, ZnS. Introduction How to define a luminescent substance it? Suitable materials absorb radiation energy , and then the light is emitted , the emitted photon energy is lower than energy of the excitation radiation. This behavior has a light-emitting substance called luminescent substances. According to the excitation can be divided into different photoluminescent material , a cathode ray emitting material , an electroluminescent material , a chemiluminescent [...]

Anti-counterfeiting UV technology

Application of UV technology Compared with traditional offset printing, UV printing is characterized by bright colors, special substrate materials, novel products and broad market prospects. It is suitable for high-end business card packaging, high-end business album, special desk calendar, special label printing and other product fields. UV technology process The key business advantage of UV process is the flexibility of application, which can obtain a variety of product functions, in a variety of substrate materials and surface finishing for special applications. UV [...]

Information of Glow in dark powder use for glass or plastic products

1. For the temperature bear performance of the photoluminescent pigments, the blue green usually can bear about 1050 C, the yellow green bear about 1000 C, the sky blue bear about 900 C, and others colours can bear about 800 C. For use in glass by melt technology, the pigments is protect from direct fire. 2. You can use the YG-K or BG-K for glass. Because the larger particle size is suitable for normal luminescent glass products. 3. For the method, one [...]