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Examples and formulations of application of luminous powder in coatings and inks

May be mixed with a variety of transparent resin coatings and ink to make the glow in dark paint or inks. Such resins include acrylic resins, urethane resins, epoxy resins, amino resins, polyvinyl butyral resins, polyamide resins, etc., in coatings used in a proportion of 10% -50%, the proportion of the ink is 30% to 60% as well, the above-mentioned resin is dissolved with an appropriate solvent, adding luminescent pigment, and then adding a suitable anti-settling agents, antifoaming agents, [...]

Screen printing photoluminescent safety sign Caution

photoluminescent safety sign need to use photoluminescent printing ink, photoluminescent printing ink used in the signage industry, manufacturers are generally used according to their intended use and signage products themselves formulated to get the best use of effects and economic costs. Usually adding a certain percentage of the ordinary transparent ink photoluminescent materials by simple mixing process can be made luminous ink use, if stored for a period of time sufficient to facilitate wetting photoluminescent materials inks, printing products resulting [...]

How to distinguish luminous powder and fluorescent powder

Luminous and phosphor are the two products, but many people think that is luminous phosphors and think they are following the same substance, small to give you how to distinguish luminous powder and phosphor.: 1 luminous powder: Yes absorbance – STORING – a self-luminous light emitting material, which is a kind of luminous material can be made visible in the dark, called luminous powder, luminous powder it into long-term, short-acting luminous, radioactive luminous, but they are of a material glowing [...]

UV fluorescent powder, fluorescent anti – counterfeit ink method of use

Fluorescent ink type of use is quite important for packaging anti-counterfeiting effect is good or bad, if choose not accurate or poor, can result in anti-counterfeit effect is not obvious or don’t have any security requirements, such as the theory according to the color of light color and light absorption principle, longer wavelengths in the color of light absorption wavelength. The following fluorescent ink in the actual product structure of the specific analysis. If we are in the full version [...]