Monthly Archives - April 2021

A making method of ceramic glow in dark table lamp

At present, there are a variety of handicrafts on the market, but there is no table lamp made of ceramic luminous and wheat straw. The invention provides a ceramic luminous wheat straw calligraphy and painting desk lamp, which is made by ceramic and wheat straw as the main raw materials. The first step is to select the straw according to its natural color and thickness. The second step, the selected straw according to the color segmentation, distinguish the color, [...]

What is the main purpose of glitter powder?

Glitter powder, commonly known as sequins, gold flakes, silver flakes, gold dots, silver dots, glitter powder, glitter flakes, gold and silver powder, is made of imported PET polyester film, rainbow film, and laser film, and is cut into uniform specifications by precision machinery. Of sequins. Because of the large specifications, glitter sequins are made of PET, PVC, and aluminum materials of different thicknesses with extremely high precision and brightness, and are coated by precision cutting. The size of glitter powder can [...]

Method for applying photoluminescent powder to glass products

First, the general use of 110 mesh photoluminescent powder is better. Two, can generally be used as noctilucent powder for ordinary pigment, according to the actual production in the process of time, choose suitable for oily ink filters for additives are fully mixing (do not use metal containers, lest time is long will turn black), after fully mix with 80 mesh network printing (sieving in advance is better), to be luminous intensity and long time, can be printed a few [...]