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Setting characteristics of photoluminescent signs at different positions

Luminous signs are mainly used in fire evacuation indicator system, place-name indicator system, underground rail tunnel indicator system, shopping mall evacuation indicator system, public information indicator and warning system. The safety sign should be set at the main entrance and exit of the hazard source and near the hazard point. The use of luminous signs can not only serve as an indication of ordinary signs, but also play a guiding role in emergency evacuation. When there are multiple risk [...]

precautions for mixing ink or paint with luminous powder

As a kind of functional coating, it is made up of luminous powder, base material and various auxiliaries. After applying luminous powder, it absorbs light for 10-30 minutes, and can continue to shine in the dark for 12 hours, and the process of light absorption and luminescence can cycle indefinitely, presenting good low-degree emergency lighting, indicating signs and decorative beautification effect. And in luminous powder inks need to pay attention to the following: 1, mix with neutral or weak alkaline [...]

Several methods for making encapsulated type glow powder

Stearic acid coated luminous powder: stearic acid is often used as a lubricant in polymer processing to reduce the friction and adhesion between melt and processing machinery and between molecules in melt, improve fluidity, improve processing formability, improve production capacity and product appearance quality and finish. Coupling agent treatment of rare earth luminous powder: from the perspective of chemical structure and molecular aggregation state, inorganic materials are very different from organic polymers, and it is difficult to form the required [...]

Rare earth luminescent materials new fulcrum

White LED light source is a green energy-saving light source. At present, it mainly USES the combination of InGaN ultra-bright blue chip and rare earth yellow and red phosphors with high light conversion efficiency to produce composite white light. It is regarded as the synonym of advanced technology and green lighting, and will become the leading role in the future lighting and display market. As we all know, the development of LED industry cannot be separated from rare earth [...]