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Luminous “toxic”? Talk about the knowledge of luminous watches

In the dark night, a shiny watch can save a lot of trouble. Many watches will be coated with luminous paint on the hands and scales, so that people can watch at night. After more than a hundred years of evolution, the luminous material of the watch has undergone earth-shaking changes. Do you know if these materials are harmful to the human body? Today, let’s take a look at the paint of luminous watches. Rolex uses the innovative Chromalight luminous display on the new [...]

The difference between pearl powder and onion powder

1. The pearl powder The unique soft pearl luster of pearl powder has incomparable effect. Special surface structure, high refractive index and good transparency make it in transparent medium, creating the same effect as pearl luster. The excellent chemical, thermal and mechanical properties of pearly powder make it possible to be widely used in paints, inks, plastics and many other fields. They provide a whole new color quality for these products. Pearl powder is harmless to human body. So it can [...]

Progress has been made in the study of luminescence mechanism of long-afterglow luminescent materials

Source: powder circle ( – the circle of business and life of people in the powder industry! Long afterglow materials commonly known as noctilucent materials or light-storage luminescent materials, in the visible or ultraviolet light excited, can maintain dozens of minutes to dozens of hours of continuous luminescence. This kind of material has wide application value in the fields of low-light lighting, emergency instruction, information storage and display, energy-saving building, intelligent transportation and so on. CaAl2O4:Eu,Nd is a typical blue-purple [...]

Crystal growth and luminescence characteristics of powder electroluminescent materials

The effect of Cu~+ on the luminescence characteristics of ZnS: Cu electroluminescent materials was studied. The effects of burning temperature and flux on the structure, particle size and luminescence characteristics of luminescent materials were discussed. The luminescence properties of powder electroluminescent materials were improved by phase change technology and doping of two activators. The study shows that the luminance of the materials increases with the increase of the doping amount of Cu+. When the doping concentration of Cu+ is [...]

Manufacturing method of luminous acrylic switch

The switch installed in the 86 box on the wall is widely used as a control operation facility to control the lighting and extinguishing of indoor lamps. The disadvantage of the wall switch that is commonly used now is that it is not easy to find without other auxiliary light sources in the night, and because the pressure plate of the wall switch that is commonly used now is small, it is easy to fall or collide in the [...]