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The main applications of rare earth luminescent materials

The use of rare-earth light-emitting materials will bring the effects of environmental protection and energy saving, good color rendering function and long life number to the light source, which is conducive to promoting the upgrading of products in the current significant area. Therefore, once the rare-earth light-emitting materials are created, they are quickly used in the production of color television picture tubes (CRTs) and fluorescent lamps. The industrial use of rare-earth light-emitting materials in China also began in the [...]

Up-conversion process and mechanism of up-conversion luminescent materials

Its principles include excited state absorption (ESA), energy transfer up conversion (ETU), and photon avalanche (PA). Energy transfer refers to the coupling of two excited ions with similar energy through a non-radiative process, one of which transfers energy to the other and returns to a low energy state, and the other ion receives energy and transitions to a higher energy state. Energy transfer upconversion can occur between the same ions, or between different ions. Therefore, energy transfer up-conversion can [...]