Photo luminescent pigment important function in industry

With the photoluminescent pigment in the handicraft industry and the toy industry applications, the use of innovative design, reasonable selection, fine production, in order to a better understanding of the relevant knowledge, and we explain below small explain luminous powder in industry Application:

Now more and more customers start using photoluminescent pigment to change the performance of their products, but many of its own characteristics photoluminescent pigment is most customers do not know, for example, there are a variety of glow in the dark powder on the market now, not only There are differences in quality, the price is also very different, a lot of customers is difficult to buy their favorite photoluminescent pigment.

Mainly because of photoluminescent pigment is not the industry standard, but it is not our traditional understanding of the consumer in the high price products will certainly have a relatively good performance, especially crafts and toy industry, less demanding on the luminescence time for body color and absorption speed requirements to be higher, if some users choose glow in the dark powder, uninformed some time performance photoluminescent pigment, it will take some detours in the selection and use of photoluminescent pigment in.

In the final analysis, we must first understand some simple characteristics after glow in the dark powder choose photoluminescent pigment process and requirements for their best, do not blindly pursue able bright long, all photoluminescent pigment in the two hours after Light has been weak, said light emitting 10 hours, 20 hours only test results theory, in practice the effect is not obvious in this welcome you to buy my company’s photoluminescent pigment, the company has a sound management system, excellent technical capacity and a hundred percent of goods and services.