Rare earth luminescent materials new fulcrum

White LED light source is a green energy-saving light source. At present, it mainly USES the combination of InGaN ultra-bright blue chip and rare earth yellow and red phosphors with high light conversion efficiency to produce composite white light. It is regarded as the synonym of advanced technology and green lighting, and will become the leading role in the future lighting and display market. As we all know, the development of LED industry cannot be separated from rare earth as raw material. Therefore, to promote the faster and better development of white LED and improve white LED can provide a newer and larger market space for rare earth luminescent materials.

In fact, white LED also has some shortcomings, but it will continue its development vitality through optimization and improvement. In recent years, domestic manufacturers have made great achievements in the development of white LED through technological progress. For example, the successful development of gallium nitride substrate, to solve the problem of white LED photothermal conversion, improve the luminous efficiency, color index, life, **, improve the color. At present, white LED chip, phosphor powder, packaging, dispensing, thermal management, optical distribution, electronic driver, lamp structure, modularization and intelligent dimming and color control technology has been a comprehensive breakthrough.

In the development and production of white LED, rare earth luminescent materials play an important role. For example, the research and development of rare earth organic fluorescent dyes and rare earth complexes is conducive to solving the problem of integration of organic fluorescent materials and non-polar fluorescent materials. ** reflects the characteristics of low energy consumption and high quantum efficiency of rare earth luminescent materials, thus improving the luminous efficiency and quality of white LED light. Rare earth doped aluminum nitride ceramic substrate, rare earth ceramic heat conductivity thermal materials, high heat conductivity of rare earth alloy, rare earth aluminium magnesium alloy, copper aluminum magnesium alloy heat sink, thermal conductive nano * * such as glue, both can solve the problem of thermal management, and reduce the integration of white LED bulb type lamps and lanterns and the weight of the high power white LED street lamp, improve the oxidation resistance, the application of rare earth doped optical lens, and reduce the loss of the visible light transmission and light distribution… The participation of many related rare earth technologies, materials and devices helps white LED to break away from the limitations of traditional LED and adapt to the consumption needs and the pace of The Times, thus accelerating the pace of the white LED market.

The application of white LED lighting products in light space is only at the initial stage, but the development of white LED lighting lamps is faster and faster. It is reported that new styles and patterns of new products appear every three months. With the continuous deepening, practice, cognition, improvement, perception and judgment, evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of white LED lighting, generalizing is against science, hindering development, seeking truth from facts is the magic weapon of our political and economic work. In the world, white LED is in the ascendant, China’s rare earth luminescent materials have a long way to go, but we firmly believe that the white LED lighting industry spring is bound to come.