What is acrylic ( plexiglass ) glow in dark board

Luminous plexiglass is also a kind of fluorescent plexiglass, which is prepared by mixing luminescent powder and plexiglass. Why is this plexiglass emitting light all night?
The so-called luminous board is also classified as plexiglass in the classification, and it is mixed with luminous powder in the production process of plexiglass, and it is named because it can emit light in the dark. So what kind of plexiglass can achieve luminescence?
It turned out that this benefited from the raw materials of luminescent powder in plexiglass. The effect of luminous powder is that it absorbs light during the day and stores it, and slowly releases them at night. In fact, some products that are common in our lives, such as light sticks, are made of luminescent materials of luminous powder. However, because many materials do not have good light transmission, this hinders the efficiency of light receiving and illuminating luminous powder. The plexiglass, on the other hand, has excellent light transmission. This feature makes the luminescent powder contained in the plexiglass glass fully absorb the fiber and release the fiber, and the effect is fully exerted.
The choice of plexiglass in all plastic materials is the best choice. The transparency of plexiglass is of great significance to the luminescence properties of this material. If two kinds of luminescent products made of different matrix materials are used, A contrast, we can see the difference in their luminous effects by our naked eyes. Combined with its good processing properties, it can be applied on a large scale.
The practical application of luminous plexiglass is also very wide. For example, the bathroom sign made of luminous board can play a role in the dark place, and even can get a good guide for you when you get up at night.