Rare earth long after glow in the dark powder knowledge

REE-activated alkaline earth aluminate, silicate and other high-tech self-luminous products. Their outstanding characteristics are: a variety of visible light absorption at 10 to 20 minutes, you can continue to light at night in the dark more than 12 hours, the luminous brightness and duration is 30 to 50 times the traditional ZnS glow materials.

Glow in the dark powders main technical parameters:

1 initial brightness: glow powder under a certain light brightness (1000LUX), instrumentation brightness value between 0 (typically 3 seconds after the light extinguished) moments. General highlighted photoluminescent powder around 20000-25000. Since the initial rapid reduction sad moment, capturing moments error greater impact on the general brightness with one minute to more appropriate time. Highlight luminous powder is generally 3500 (med/m2) above, in the light powders in 2800, Pu Liang powder at about 2300.

2 persistence: over time, the brightness powder falling, respectively, comparing the luminance values ​​at different times, to measure the speed of less luminous sorrow. Generally 10 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour brightness for comparison.

3 Granularity: Granularity is an important parameter photoluminescent powder, the application performance of its glow powder has a great influence, generally with an average particle size and particle size distribution to describe the characteristics of the unit is micron (um), these parameters are passed particle analyzer test out. But in reality, in order to facilitate more with ‘mesh’ (mesh number of single living area) to describe the granularity of the situation, luminous powder is generally based on the production process is divided into -160 mesh, -200 mesh, -250, -300 , -400, -200 to +400 mesh, -160 to +250 mesh and so on. Generally, the same powder quality, the larger the particle size, the better the brightness, the worse the performance; smaller the particle size, the greater the specific surface area, the larger the dispersion in the application area of ​​the unit area, with the glow powder volume amount will be reduced, to reduce costs.

4 Body color: powder Color.

5 Color: The color of light emitted by the powder.

6 photographic speed: powder to absorb light at a certain saturation of the length of time used to describe short time, sensitive to light, a long time, the photosensitive slow; continued good photosensitive slower. ZnS generally within half a minute can absorb enough light, and photoluminescent powder generally 15 minutes or more.

Other features:

1.glow in the dark powders of environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, harmless, non-radioactive, contain 10 kinds of harmful heavy metals, is a safe material.

2 In addition to the red and blue-green powder, powder, other glow in the dark powder is hydrolyzed with water, loss of light emission characteristics, and therefore, when used in aqueous solution, the first luminous powder can be used after waterproofing.

3.photoluminescent pigment temperature resistance: cyan powder highest temperature is generally 8000C or more times in the performance starts to drop, the higher the temperature, the longer the time, the greater the impact (Eu +2 is oxidized continuously Eu +3) , and is irreversible. Yellow-green powder in general began to decline when more than 5000C.