Uv fluorescent ink product introduction

Ultraviolet fluorescent ink is one of the most mature anti – counterfeiting inks in the market, in the ink to add the corresponding visible fluorescent compounds and made. The ink is printed with a fluorescent color that can be excited by ultraviolet light at 365nm (long wave) or 254nm (short wave) wavelengths.
According to the different excitation light source, can be divided into long wave fluorescent ink, short wave fluorescent ink and double band fluorescent ink. According to the form of color change, can be divided into colorless fluorescent ink, colored fluorescent ink and color-changing fluorescent ink.

Colorless fluorescent ink:
After printing, the patterns or words become invisible. Under ultraviolet light, they appear clear and bright fluorescent patterns or words with bright colors. The security detection is convenient, as long as there is a uv light source or detector can, so most of the domestic and foreign medicine, tobacco and alcohol industry anti-counterfeit packaging praise highly.

Colored fluorescent ink:
There is color on the appearance, and the original color shines under the ULTRAVIOLET lamp, presenting the fluorescence effect.
Color-changing fluorescent ink:
One color appears on the surface, and another fluorescent color appears under ultraviolet light.
Color change
Colorless – color, color – original color shiny, color – another color.
Color varieties
Colorless long waves: no-yellow, no-orange, no-red, no-blue, no-yellow-green, no-emerald-green, no-grass green, no-dark green,
No-verdure, no-magenta, no-black, no-white;
Colored long waves: red-red, orange-orange, yellow-yellow, blue-blue, green-green;
Long wave: red-orange, blue-green, orange-red, yellow-red, black-red, green-red,
Blue-red, blue-green, green-yellow-green;
Short wave: no-yellow, no-orange, no-red, no-green;
Double wave: long wave red – short wave green;
Long wave blue-short-wave red, long wave blue-short-wave yellow, long wave blue-short-wave orange, and long wave blue-short-wave green;
Long wave grass green – short wave yellow, long wave grass green – short wave orange, long wave grass green – short wave red.
Range of application
Currency, bills, CARDS, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, labels, outer packing of cosmetics, food, decorative materials, instructions and other industries with security requirements.
The printing way
1. Suitable for any printing methods: offset printing, UV offset printing, embossing, UV flexographic printing, silk screen printing, UV silk-screen printing, water-based silk screen printing, pad printing, gravure printing, spraying, seal ink;
2, screen printing paper, plastic, nylon, ABS, PET, PP, metal, glass, water, UV and other ink, screen printing is recommended for 350 mesh version.