Development prospect and market potential of reflective powder

Reflective powder is the production of reflective fabric, reflective film, reflective coatings, reflective signs, school bags, sea life-saving supplies the core of the new optical functional composite materials such as raw materials, it has the characteristics of regression reflection and the resulting strong regression reflection effect, without additional power supply, can be widely used in roads, ports, mines, fire and other fields, as a safety sign, is greatly improved. The following Xiaobian to introduce the development potential and prospects of reflective powder.

China is large in land, abundant in resources, and has a large population. Based on the analysis of the above market conditions and the new reflective identification standard issued by the Ministry of Public Security, large trucks are required to attach reflective identification, and the reflective film is required to be more than tens of millions of square meters every year. Civil reflective material market is more huge, already cannot measure. But, FOR A LONG TIME, OUR MARKET OF REFLECTIVE MATERIAL IS MONOPOLIZED BY IMPORT PRODUCT, ESPECIALLY HIGH-STRENGTH GRADE REFLECTIVE FILM.

Because reflective film technology content is high, imported products are sold at high prices in our country, obtain a lot of profits. A large number of foreign exchange expenditure, restricting the application of reflective film, this is in great contrast with the high-speed development of our national economy, to the development of our national economy, especially the development of road traffic safety career is very adverse. Therefore, the localization of reflective film products, break the monopoly of foreign products, replace imports, reduce the cost of the promotion and application of reflective film, to promote the development of traffic safety engineering, especially to promote the development of traffic safety engineering in underdeveloped areas of central and western China, is very necessary.

In fact, reflective film products in the field of transportation can not replace the safety of the role, has been paid attention to by the whole society, but also by the national industrial policy attention and support. The State Science and Technology Commission, the Ministry of Light industry, etc., many times set up a key project to encourage the development of directional reflective film products, reflective film localization is also in line with the national industrial policy.

The above is about the development potential and development prospect of reflective powder, it can be seen that the development prospect of reflective powder is quite considerable.

Production status: Reflective powder production countries are mainly the United States, Japan, China. Few other countries make them. The reason is that the product is an energy-intensive industry. Use is generally limited to reflective film, reflective clothing. The use of reflective powder is influenced by lattice products, many of the original use of reflective powder products, more and more reflective lattice replaced, such as reflective film appeared a full Angle micro prism reflective technology, reflective brightness is high, environmental protection, long service life and other advantages