Method for making reflective powder in reflective glass

Reflective powder is made of a kind of glass beads powder material production, China is one of the big reflective powder production, because reflective powder energy consumption is more serious, can use is reflective clothing, this is the official statement, the most common is at night or on the highway sanitation workers reflective clothing, Today we are going to share about the manufacturing method used in reflective glass:

A. Mix the glue in a certain proportion.

B, after mixing the two, add the tianna water (10% of the total weight of AB glue) to dilute, with the use.

C, glass cleaning or plane sandblasting.

D. Add reflective powder to the prepared glue solution and stir evenly.

E, use 2. Spray the above solution evenly on the glass with 0 or above caliber spray gun, repeat for several times until the desired density, self-drying for three hours or heating 80 degrees for half an hour.

F. Mix AB primer with reflective powder color as reference, spray as protective layer, dry or dry.